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Webster - Registered Nurse, Christchurch

My name is Webster Mudavanhu and I am a Registered Nurse.  Before coming to NZ I lived and worked in the UK.  

My family and I were introduced to Accent Health Recruitment by a family member living in NZ and they were great throughout the whole process.  We explained what we wanted and they met my exact needs.  They helped me to find a job in Christchurch, in fact they did all the work i.e. organised the job interview.  I had a phone interview, which was my first experience of such an interview.  It was quite an anxious moment just to wait for the phone to ring.  As you will guess I got the job, thanks to the huge support Accent Health Recruitment provided me and my family.  

Of course that was not all they did, they were a huge support during the nurse registration process which was a lengthy and complicated process.  They also helped with the immigration process acting on my behalf keeping me updated throughout the whole process.  

Relocating to another country is a big step and can be a daunting prospect.  Organising everything can be hard work but Accent Health Recruitment were a huge help as they took the load off my shoulders in as far as taking care of business in NZ.  So all we had to worry about was taking care of things that needed to be sorted in the UK.

Although we had already started the emigration process with Accent Health Recruitment, we had the opportunity to meet Prudence and her team at the Leeds emigration expo UK in October 2008.  It was good to finally meet the people doing all the hard work.  We started the whole process in May 2008 and set a time frame of 6 to 9 months.  We were not far off our target given that I postponed my plans to relocate a couple of times.  We finally arrived in Christchurch in March 2009 and we were all blown away and instantly knew we had made the right choice.

I like working as a Registered Nurse in Christchurch because the work culture is more relaxed and I find I have more time with my family.  My work colleagues are friendly and helpful.  There is not much difference to nursing in NZ and the UK.  We have been in NZ for 4 months and we are happy with our NZ experience.  Although we are in the middle of winter we have been told that we are going to enjoy the summer!!

We do miss our friends and family back in the UK of course but New Zealand is great place for raising kids and certainly the lifestyle is slow paced, have not experienced a traffic jam since arriving here!!

I would like to thank Prudence, who constantly kept in touch and her team at Accent Health Recruitment for making my dream to emigrate to NZ possible. I strongly recommend Accent to anyone thinking of emigrating to this beautiful country.



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