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Wellington is the capital of New Zealand with a regional population of about 1 million, with over 60,000 people working in its CBD (central business district). One of the biggest providers of medical and healthcare jobs in Wellington is the Capital & Coast District Health Board which provides medical, surgical, mental health, community and clinical support services to the Wellington region.

In addition to hospital-based medical and healthcare jobs, Wellington also provides community services such as rehabilitation services, occupational therapy, speech language therapy, physiotherapy, dietetics, social work, mental health, alcohol, drug and home support services.

Wellington ('Windy Wellington') is at the south-western tip of the New Zealand's North Island on the Cook Strait, the stretch of water that separates the islands. To the south, you can often see the beautiful, snow-capped Kaikoura mountains and to the north, the golden beaches of the Kapiti Coast. To the east, lies the Wairarapa, a wine region of national (and increasingly international) acclaim.

Wellington is also New Zealand's political centre, but also supports a flourishing arts scene, café culture and nightlife to rival much bigger cities. It is also home to New Zealand's film and theatre industry (Peter Jackson still lives here not Hollywood!), ballet, numerous festivals and other arts.


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