Case Studies Nurses And Midwives

Elissa - Registered Nurse

"For anyone contemplating the move, especially those with small kids, I say go for it!"

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Mithran - GP

"...the freedom and space we have here makes it all worth it. It’s hard to even imagine going back now."

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Lorraine - Registered Nurse ICU

"I like the lifestyle, you don’t have the hustle and bustle and overcrowding, people are always warm and friendly."

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Katie - Registered Nurse ICU

"I’m finding the best parts of NZ to be the cafes, the kindness of strangers (we had 3 people we barely knew offer us furniture to borrow...), and the scenery."

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Jeremy - Physiotherapist

"Kiwis are so blessed to have nature right at their doorstep in many areas and to have such gorgeous places to exercise, walk, run, or bike!"

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Remy - Occupational Therapist

"Probably, most importantly, I can finally leave work at work! My colleagues are so supportive, and I know I can rely on them."

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Rob - ER physician

"...the people have been the best reason to come. Kiwis have been kind, patient, understanding, and a joy to work with. The attitude is generally laid back with a family-first attitude. Kiwis pride themselves on excellent work-life balance."

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Ruqayyah - ODP

"There’s always time to do a quick weekend retreat and get back into work by Monday morning. Everyone is super nice and I’ve really enjoyed meeting so many different people, as NZ is so culturally diverse."

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Emma - Registered Nurse

"We definitely made the right decision. We live in Christchurch, it’s so beautiful and very up and coming. You have the hills one side and beaches the other."

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Jennifer - Occupational Therapist

"...when I started speaking to Prudence about the steps in detail and getting guidance from her, it was a breeze! She was incredibly helpful and quick to respond to my queries which gave me the assurance I needed."

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