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Case Studies Nurses And Midwives

Birgitte - Registered Nurse

"My role here as a theatre nurse is very different than it was in the US because here I’m being trained to scrub and assist! I have renewed energy for my profession."

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Rachel - GP

"I think the best parts of NZ are the friendly, kind, and warm people with the beautiful abundant nature."

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Cristina - Registered Nurse

"I am able to enjoy amazing scenery and nature within just a few minutes drive anytime I want.
I love that."

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Rebecca - Registered Nurse

"Everyone has been friendly; I’ve had a colleague let me borrow a car and surplus crockery donations and dinner invitations and been made to feel very welcome"

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Firdaus - Medical Radiation Technologist

"What I specifically like is being able to slow down and take my time to enjoy the scenery."

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Kay - Registered Nurse

"You will not regret it....your children will thank you one day for your sacrifices."

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Kristin - Registered Nurse

"...take the leap and make that move. As they say, life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

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Grace - Registered Nurse

"Having AHR with me has made my life easier and fulfilled my long-time dream and I'm sure it will happen to you too if you take that opportunity."

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Maile - Registered Nurse

"I remember seeing rainbows nearly every day when we first got here, and the trees were so different. I also remember being impressed by how nice everyone was."

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Vijaya - Physiotherapist

"The work culture is so different here in the sense that family time holds great importance and is never sacrificed."

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Khine - Registered Nurse

"...we have no regrets coming here at all. People here are warm and welcoming. Having a work-life balance, we feel less stressed..."

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Katherine - Registered Nurse

"IT WAS A LEAP OF FAITH. I was in that moment where you just wanted CHANGE. So, I searched on social media for any agency in NZ. I then found ACCENT... "

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