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Nurses And Midwives

Jolyn - US Nurse living in Christchurch NZ

"My experience with Accent was awesome. Prudence was with me all the way through and never have I felt that I was alone doing the process."

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Sofia - Registered Nurse, Timaru

"My first impressions of New Zealand were great! Starting with how welcoming Kiwi’s are in general and how they are always ready to help a stranger. I was a bit of a cultural shock really, but in a good way! ..."

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Manny - U.K. Mental Health Nurse

"I am a mental health nurse by profession. I came to New Zealand in June 2018 from the United Kingdom. I applied for a job through Accent and the easiest part of the process was finding a role because of the assistance provided by them ..."

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Rebecca Children's Nurse UK to Wellington

"Stick with it, it can feel like nothing’s happening for weeks at a time and then there’s suddenly a big jump forward (your registration moves on or a job interview comes up). ..."

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Kevin - Registered Nurse, Wellington

"My advice if you are planning to come to NZ is to just do it!..."

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Eirini - Midwife from Greece living and working in NZ

"My first impressions of New Zealand was how polite and friendly people are. I was amazed by the friendliness a d the warm welcome I received from everyone"

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Tiffany - Registered Nurse, Timaru

"We have the best of both world with the beach right by us and botanical gardens as well as a short drive away from mountains and beautiful hikes..."

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Andrea - Mental Health Nurse - Auckland

"My first impressions of NZ were how 'beautiful' and very green it was despite the season going into winter when we arrived. The people are just so friendly and helpful. It is so clean as well. The best parts of NZ are the beaches, the people and the relaxed lifestyle..."

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Jessica - Registered Nurse from Canada working in NZ

"My first impression of NZ were it is beautiful, laid back and it packs a punch"

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Amandine - Registered Nurse, Christchurch

"Bonjour - I am from France and came to NZ in February 2016. I have now secured a position in Christchurch conducting health checks and work assessments..."

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Joanne- Registered Nurse, from Scotland to Auckland.

" The development of nurses has really impressed me and the availability for advancing your knowledge..."

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Emma - Registered Nurse, Christchurch

"My advice if you’re planning to come to NZ is: take your time, read everything carefully, be prepared to spend a lot of money, and most importantly use Accent Health Recruitment..."

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