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Nurses And Midwives

Marjorie - Intellectual Disability Nurse

"The easiest part of the process was the Skype interviews. I felt that I could ask any questions and not be embarrassed, I felt as if I knew the managers already because they were warm, approachable and friendly ..."

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Lindsey - Registered Nurse

"The easiest part of the process was definitely the job finding/applying/interview. Hayley from Accent made everything so simple and easy - she was the beacon of knowledge for me..."

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Emma - Registered Nurse

"My advice if you are thinking about coming to NZ is just to do it, I have found it to be such a very rewarding experience ..."

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Rachel - Nurse living the Kiwi Dream!

"As my role is very specialised, I was worried I would never be able to get a job in NZ...Until one day I received the best possible news ..."

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Lucy - Registered Nurse in Children's Health

"My Name is Lucy and I am a Registered Nurse in Child Health. I came to NZ in February 2019 from the United Kingdom. The process to come to NZ took me 9 months in total. ..."

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Clare - Scottish Midwife living in NZ

"The easiest part of the process was the job hunt! Prudence at Accent Health did all the leg work of securing, setting up interviews, and took time out to do mock interviews over skype which made the real thing (also via skype) much less daunting."

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Eleanor - UK Nurse living in Dunedin

"It all happened very quickly! ACCENT were great, I can't thank them enough...I attended an expo in Manchester, UK (Feb 2016) and spoke with Prudence, I joined in a webinar online to see what the process was like and get as much information as I could on the process"

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Charlotte - ED Nurse from the U.S.A.

"My work in an ED Department in the States prepared me well for this new role. Sure there are some differences but overall it's manageable ..."

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Jolyn - US Nurse living in Christchurch NZ

"My experience with Accent was awesome. Prudence was with me all the way through and never have I felt that I was alone doing the process."

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Sofia - Registered Nurse, Timaru

"My first impressions of New Zealand were great! Starting with how welcoming Kiwi’s are in general and how they are always ready to help a stranger. I was a bit of a cultural shock really, but in a good way! ..."

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Manny - U.K. Mental Health Nurse

"I am a mental health nurse by profession. I came to New Zealand in June 2018 from the United Kingdom. I applied for a job through Accent and the easiest part of the process was finding a role because of the assistance provided by them ..."

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Rebecca Children's Nurse UK to Wellington

"Stick with it, it can feel like nothing’s happening for weeks at a time and then there’s suddenly a big jump forward (your registration moves on or a job interview comes up). ..."

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