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Nurses And Midwives

Nicole - Midwife, Auckland

"The easiest part of the process was getting a job, Merryl was amazing and helped me get my CV New Zealand ready and getting used to Skype! She also helped me prep for interviews and understand the differences between the NZ and UK process...."

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Julie - Community Nurse, Christchurch

"My name is Julie, I am a Community Registered Nurse and I came to NZ in September last year from the UK ..."

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Stephanie - Registered Nurse, Wellington

"My advice if you are planning to come to NZ is to just do it! There will be difficulties and the grass is not greener, it’s a different shade...."

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Tracey - Registered Nurse, Auckland

"It has been incredible to work with families and patients of different ethnicities. I have had the pleasure of working with Maori, Pacific Islanders as well as Asian families. Being able to support these families when they come together for their loved ones who are sick has helped me learn and appreciate these cultures as well as embrace their traditions...."

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Erika - Registered Nurse, Christchurch

"Hi I’m Erika, an ED nurse from good ol’ Southern California. I arrived to the beautiful land of New Zealand December 2015. The entire process to get here, to say the least, took about 6 months. Prudence and the rest of the Accent Health Team were available as well as more than helpful during the entire process..."

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Michelle - Paediatric Nurse, Wellington

"I am originally from NZ but had been away for 13 years, I came back to live in NZ in September 2016, everyone is still really friendly and NZ is still as beautiful as I remember...."

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Kelly - Emergency Nurse, Auckland

"The hardest part of the process was making the decision to go to New Zealand and then actually doing it! Life is complicated and it can feel like it is never the “right time” to emigrate to the other side of the world. I don’t think there is a ‘”right time”’ but if it is what you want, you just have to go with it and make it happen. Otherwise you might miss a fantastic opportunity..."

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Patricia - Midwife, Hamilton

"My piece of advice: Go for it! If you feel you need a change in your life, contact Accent Health Recruitment and get going!"

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Jess - Oncology CNS, South Canterbury

"My name is Jess, I arrived in NZ in October 2015 and spent a few months travelling around beautiful NZ - I would recommend this if at all possible! I am now working as an Oncology CNS in a small south Island DHB...."

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Anna - Theatre Nurse, Christchurch

"My first impressions of NZ were how welcoming and friendly everyone was, it felt great to be here..."

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Kelly and Filipa - Theatre Nurses, Christchurch

"We are Kelly and Filips, we came to New Zealand in March 2015 from the UK (however Filipa is originally from Portugal)."

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Jamie - Registered Nurse, Christchurch

"Hi there! My name is Jamie and I am a Registered Nurse from Canada. My wife Gillian and I arrived in March 2016 and I am working as an ED nurse here in Christchurch....."

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